For Educational Institutes

In earlier times, Educational Institutes were unable to reach out to students living in small towns, or remote areas, which directly affected development. Elsner LMS provides a solution for this by allowing educational institutes to create virtual learning environment to conduct online lectures, seminars and examinations to overcome the location barrier. This amazing web application defines the new era of e-learning since the time of its innovation.

For Teachers

Many expert educators and teachers provide private coaching for multiple grades and time management is a major factor in this profession. Elsner LMS is a boon for these expert teachers and educators because it allows them to create private online lectures, allocate assignments and also conduct examinations without any hassles. Teachers and Educators can now create a central database with all course related material in one place for the students to study online.

For Students

In today’s competitive world, it is very important for students to keep up with studies and score good grades for a better future. Students can get all course related study material without stepping out of their house. Elsner LMS and it’s unique features help students to view, download and share study material including multi-media content like audios and videos. They can attend online seminars, get instant help from expert teachers and educators.

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Core Features

  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Full Content Access
  • Collaborative Tools & Activities
  • All-In-One Calendar
  • Track Progress
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Online Seminars
  • Grade Wise Lectures
  • Advanced Grading System
  • Multimedia Content Support
  • Assignments Creation & Submission
  • Forum
  • Quiz (Multiple Choice Exam)
  • Multimedia Integration

Learning Management

Elsner LMS is a Learning Management System that enables Teachers & Educational Institutes to create private virtual classrooms with dynamic courses that extend learning anytime and anywhere. Whether it is a Teacher, a Student or an Administrator, Elsner LMS is a boon for all. It has an extremely customization core with many unique features.

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Our Team

Santosh Dhaduk

Ravi Shah

Project Coordinator



I am a teacher for the past 11 years and I also give personal coaching to High School students. Managing both was difficult for me until I came to know about Elsner LMS. It’s simple and easy to use interface helps me to easily manage everything in one place.
Glad to have Elsner LMS. Thanks.

Mark Blackwood

I really love using Elsner LMS to get all study related material in one place and also clear doubts with expert and experienced teachers who are located in different cities as well as countries. I am glad that I no longer need to keep calling people to help me with my studies as I now have Elsner LMS.

John Dawson

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