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Do I have to be really good with technology to use Elsner LMS?

To use Elsner LMS, you only need the basic web browsing skills. To install it you need a little more knowledge, but guidance is provided.

Who can create and edit activities and other things in courses?

Whoever has the editing capability. Usually, it is the Teacher who creates and edits courses and activities within courses, but this role can be changed, re-named (eg. Facilitator) and given to other people too.

What is the best way to use Elsner LMS?

There is no one best way to use Elsner LMS. Use of Elsner LMS depends a lot on one’s own educational philosophy, the context where Elsner LMS is used and willingness to experiment and create a little (or a lot!). Elsner LMS can be used by a strict controller using trusted material of 30 years or a free-loving e-hippie exploring new ways of teaching and learning alike.

How can I use Elsner LMS to stimulate students think harder and ask good questions?

By asking and encouraging good questions students can wrestle with and explore through and with the help of activities, resources in a course. For example, open a forum discussion with a provocative question, start a wiki where groups collaboratively build a solution … and more!

How can we share resources with Elsner LMS?

Elsner LMS offers a number of ways to share content: making files and folders available to course participants, collecting resources of any kind with a Database, attaching files to Forum posts, importing and linking resources to and from external repositories/portfolios … and more!

How long does it take students to learn to use Elsner LMS?

It really does not take a great deal of skill or computer knowledge to use Elsner LMS. With basic web browsing and editing skills, students (and teachers) can use Elsner LMS – instantly!

What do my students need to know before using Elsner LMS?

They need to know how login into the site and course, and have some basic web browsing and computer skills. For example, they need to how a mouse and keyboard works, what a link is, maybe how to attach, upload or download a file.

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